Over the years I have traveled, lived, or worked in much of Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Kenya, Spain, France, Honduras, Fiji, and New Caledonia.  My specialty is Patagonia, which I know intimately from many film and wildlife expeditions.

On film productions I fill the roles of production manager, location scout, and associate producer.  Fluency in Spanish has been invaluable in negotiating film permits and barter deals, hiring and instructing local crews, and interpreting for producers, directors, pilots, boat operators, and talent.  My survival level French has paid off on several occasions.

In addition to extensive international logistical expertise, I am experienced in hot-air ballooning (FAA commercial rating), ocean sailing (ASA certified), SCUBA diving, and photography.




Planning for filming worldwide, often transiting directly from country to country.  Adept at juggling dates, crews, and talent to meet changing circumstances.  Flexibility, backup plans.

Transportation, Accommodations, Facilities

Travel for crews, talent, film, equipment, including negotiation of fares and reduced shipment rates for equipment.  Working with air and freight carriers to assure reliable delivery and least costly movement of gear. Special arrangements and charters with all types of carriers, from mule trains in the Grand Canyon to puddle-hoppers on far-flung Pacific atolls.

International Documentation

Expertise with passports, visas, and customs procedures for individuals and equipment.  Extensive familiarity with carnets for international airfreight shipments.


Negotiating and arranging permission to film in restricted, private, or public areas.  Travel and work permits.  Barter deals.

Location Scouting & Research

International location reconnaissance to determine filming feasibility and support facilities.

Sampler of Tasks

        •  orchestrating submarine maneuvers with Spanish naval commanders
        •  choreographing Navy SEALs in underwater action scenes
        •  working with Cuban Interests Section to film in Cuba with Fidel Castro
        •  arranging the sinking of a ship in the Dominican Republic
        •  coordinating with Japanese divers to film recovered war dead in the Pacific
        •  planning underwater filming in Antarctica
        •  plus a host of other subjects from sea snakes to whales to sunken warships



EXPEDITION EARTH.  Chilean Patagonia logistics for this Finnish TV (YLE) experimental website photography project. Translating, permiting, transportation. lodging. Also coordinated finding and recording pumas within Torres del Paine National Park. 

PATAGONIA TREKKING. Logistics planning for Argentina and Chile: customs, park permits, land & boat transportation, and ice trekking for Virtual Active, Inc. 

SALMON IN PATAGONIA. Salmon sequence filmed in Puerto Montt, Chile, for a Dupont corporate film produced by Twofour Communications (UK). Logistics and location fixer;  underwater and aerial GoPro footage of salmon pens. 

THE LAST REEF. 3D IMAX production of Liquid Pictures, Inc and Yes/No Productions (UK). Field producer Bimini underwater sequence: logistics, planning and scouting.

JWM PRODUCTIONS.  Associate producer in Argentina and Chile for Digging for the Truth: The Giants of Patagonia for the History Channel.

PLUM PRODUCTIONS.  Aerial location scout in Patagonia for Chevy-Tahoe SUV commercials filmed in Argentina and Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile.

THE LIVING EDENS: PATAGONIA.  Associate producer for this one-hour show from The Living Edens PBS series.  Extensive Argentina/Chile logistics for over a year.

GETTIN' OVER.  Field producer for segments of this ABC primetime program hosted by Tony Danza.

UNDER THE TRIANGLE.  Underwater logistics in Fiji for this simulator attraction segment for Sea World-Orlando.

NAVY SEALS.  Underwater unit coordinator (Spain); logistics; still photography.

SAHARA PRODUCTIONS.  Underwater logistics for this Perrier promotional film in New Caledonia.

THE ABYSS.  Underwater lighting for live action and miniature sequences.  Doubling, stunts, still photography.

EYES OF A WITNESS. Co-author of this CBS Chysler Special filmed enirely in Kenya.

JAWS THE REVENGE.  Extensive underwater work and still photography with the second unit film team in the Bahamas.

OCEANQUEST.  Production manager for this 5-hour NBC underwater adventure mini-series.  Filmed at more than fifteen locations worldwide over twelve months.

NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN.  Production logistics for the Bahamas underwater film unit; underwater double for Sean Connery.

THE ETERNAL SEA.  Underwater unit production manager for this special Walt Disney film in 35mm Circlevision for Tokyo Disneyland.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.  Second unit production coordinator; assistant to underwater director; shark handling; doubling; still photography.

MYSTERIES OF THE SEA.  Associate producer of this Emmy Award-winning ABC Special, and directed some marine sequences.

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