For years I've worked from a wide variety of marine camera platforms in the production of major underwater feature films, TV shows and mini-series, and special film projects.  On location my topside logistical responsibilities were always complemented with hands-on underwater tasks.




Production vessels I have chartered or worked from include:

                        •    river & ocean barges
                        •    inflatables & picture rafts
                        •    sail & power catamarans
                        •    salvage ships & ocean-going tugs
                        •    sport & luxury sailboats
                        •    dive boats of all types
                        •    research vessels & submersibles
                        •    trawlers & fishing boats

On the sailing front, I am certified by the American Sailing Association to charter ocean-going catamarans and mono-hull sailboats.  I'm experienced in coastal, night, and GPS navigation, and radio procedures.

                                                                                     UNDERWATER TASKS

Diving around the world on a huge variety of film projects has triggered many adrenaline moments.  It has also yielded a wealth of experience in these areas:

                        •    underwater lighting & rigging
                        •    35mm photography & GoPro digital filming

                        •    stunt work & doubling
                        •    animal handling - sharks, eels, sea snakes
                        •    choreographing and coordinating action scenes
                        •    sunken treasure search & recovery
                        •    night, tank, and cave filming
                        •    sunken warships

For a complete list of productions and locations click here.

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