FRAGGERS.  Elite war correspondent Dev Lucas discovers that he's been secretly implanted with explosives to assassinate the world's most monstrous terrorist. Aided by gutsy investigative reporter Alisa Westin he has to expose the murderous scheme before getting blown to hell.


FINDERS KILLERS. A footloose salvage diver gets caught up in a web of treachery and murder upon discovery of a staggering WWII treasure in a sunken Nazi U-boat deep in a South Pacific atoll. (Sold to Warner Bros.)


LIVING PROOF.  Ryan Danner is born with the gift of superhuman strength bestowed by his geneticist father. While seeking his niche in a world of ordinary people, Ryan bears the terrible burden of finding a noble cause for his invincibility. (Based on Philip Wylie's 1930 novel, Gladiator, which was the inspiration for Superman.)

TARGET GENOME.  Molecular biologist Andra Chace makes a breakthrough discovery leading to a revolutionary genetic pest control device, only to find out that it’s been turned into the ultimate weapon against humanity.

LETHAL TRINITY.  Marine biologist David Haynes confronts ruthless outlaw whalers on the high seas, and discovers that his father is one of them.

SKY HIGH.  High school senior Dani Evans sacrifices her life dream of becoming a space shuttle commander to help her Air Force brother overcome drug addiction.

EYES OF A WITNESS.  Co-author of this CBS Chrysler Special about a wealthy industrialist who ventures to Africa to save his daughter from poachers, and winds up being tried for murder while trying to bring her home.  Filmed entirely on location in Kenya.


FED MAX.  In a world where live juries have been replaced by a Federal Internet Jury for all major crimes, innocence and guilt are determined online.  So too is the custom-designed punishment meted out to the guilty in the government's Nevada prison known as Fed Max.​​​​

KRITTERS.  When a sleeper cell of terrorists buries itself with explosives and deadly poison under Lake Mead, all of Las Vegas is threatened.  Unable to get to them without triggering a catastrophic detonation, Homeland Security resorts to specially-bred but untested transgenetic creatures to neutralize the cell.

LOOTING TOLOSA.  Underwater archeology buff Chip Tyler races wreck looters to a quicksilver galleon laden with precious mercury in the Spanish Main, only to wind up deep in murder and mayhem upon discovery of an Old World treasure which until now existed only in his wildest dreams.

TRASHING THE VOLCANO.  Two young scoundrels flee the law on a world-roaming trash barge, winding up in cahoots with an island despot in a get-rich-quick scheme to incinerate the trash in the island's volcano before it erupts.

FRANKENJAWS.  An outrageous parody of every Jaws film made, with great white sharks surfacing to wreak havoc in the most improbable places.

WAND.  A young genius on brainwaves seeks a way to tap into the medical history of accident victims, only to discover that he can read a person's entire sexual history.  The repercussions rock every level of society.

MY OWN PRIVATE KING.  Across the centuries, a 16-year-old Army brat and a Scottish warrior king face the crises of their lives when an experiment in time travel unites them on a medieval battlefield with an Abrams M1 main battle tank.

BERG.  A terrorist on the North Sea's biggest oil rig sows havoc among the crew as they battle to divert a ten-million ton iceberg from wiping them off the map.

CAPE TO CAIRO.  The true and extraordinary tale of the legendary Ewart Grogan, who traversed Africa from the Cape of Good Hope all the way to Cairo over three years, surviving life-threatening obstacles to prove his worth to the woman he would eventually marry.

METHOD OF TAKE.  Photographer Kayla Rivers sets out for Africa to get the story that could save a legendary bull elephant. Relentlessly racing her to it is Kurt Morgan, the big game hunter determined to bag it to make him the undisputed winner of the coveted World Hunter trophy.


STAY OF VENGEANCE.  A female cop's son is brutally murdered, and after years of judicial wrangling his killer's death sentence is overturned. With her life in a shambles from the emotional grind, she vows to mete out justice herself. Inspired by true events.

PATAGONIA: THE ANDES TO THE ATLANTIC.  A definitive 3-hour miniseries on all of Patagonia from the Jurassic to the present.  Treatment available.

PHOBIAS: THE FACES OF FEAR.  A one-hour special, or a half-hour series, exploring both familiar and bizarre phobias that afflict millions of people from every walk of life.

EYE OF THE FRENZY.  A one-hour show that puts a young woman diver in the epicenter of a mad-thrashing shark feeding frenzy.

HUMAN KINGDOM.  An irreverent one-hour mockumentary that parallels human behavior with that of the animal kingdom — from nipple to grave and everything in between.

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